Deesing Cattle Corral Designs
Deesing Livestock Handling Systems, and Farm Designs, Inc., is an international design and consulting company specializing in handling system design and animal behavior consulting based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. My company combines construction engineering and principles discovered by animal behavior research to ensure the humane treatment of all livestock, wildlife, and zoo species. My specialty is handling systems for cattle, bison, and pigs. Humane handling systems improve productivity, decrease injuries, improve meat quality, and ensure safe working conditions for handlers. The public is becoming increasingly concerned about where the meat they buy comes from, how the animals are raised, and if the animals are handled humanely. Consumer confidence in your product is improved when a proactive approach to animal welfare concerns are forefront in your management and advertisement strategies. 

Humane Livestock Handling explains animal behavior principles to reduce stress. Contains layouts of corrals for ranches, feedlots, and meat plants.

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